Writing Icons for Church & Home

"The icon is part of the Liturgy, not part of the art world"

"We are pleased to announce Sister Petra Clare (Orthodox) will now be collaborating with Martin Earle (Catholic) in making icons and other church artwork. They are both based at the English Bridge Workshop, Shrewsbury UK."

Sister Petra Clare has many years of experience of developing custom made religious icons for Churches, private chapels and home devotions. Each icon is handmade in a traditional technique using high quality materials. Icons are crafted to last and to become Church and family heirlooms, inspiring generations. She also makes decorative gilded panels and Celtic designs for special features.

  • Large wall panels (icon or decorative) to make a special feature in Church or home
  • Full size icons - an alternative to statues in Churches
  • Patron saints - single figure or half length figures, may include scenes from the Saint’s life
  • Festal Icons for the Church year
  • Crucifixes & Stations of the Cross, R.C.I.A Station Icons
  • Icons for special occasions - Baptism, Confirmation, Wedding, Anniversary etc.
  • Icons of your name-saint, or the saint of your trade or profession
  • Triptychs & Diptychs - large for churches or miniature for the home
  • Decorative gilded panels for special features
  • Celtic designs
  • In Memoriam

The Christian icon is a unique form of religious painting. With its roots in the ancient world, and spanning the Christian centuries, it is still a vibrant tradition in which theology is made visible, through a life of prayer to foster prayer. It fits equally well into traditional churches and modern innovative buildings.